VPN Client Install

Installation instructions:

- Make sure you are root.

- Extract tar.gz file (be sure you have the correct arch file for your device).
	tar -xvzf n4mc_arch.tar.gz

- Create directories "/opt/n4m" and "/etc/n4m"
	mkdir /opt/n4m
	mkdir /etc/n4m

- Copy vpn client (n4mc) to "/opt/n4m"
    cp n4mc /opt/n4m

- Copy vpn config (n4mc.ini) to "/etc/n4m"
	cp n4mc.ini /etc/n4m
- Edit /etc/n4m/n4mc.ini and set your VPN login params.

- If you don't have daemon command, install it.
	apt-get install daemon
- Add this line to your "/etc/rc.local" file (before the "exit" command if exists)
	daemon -r -n n4mc -E daemon.err -L 60 -- /opt/n4m/n4mc

- To launch the VPN client, reboot your device or execute manually the added line
  to "/etc/rc.local" file.

- To stop VPN, execute "daemon -n n4mc --stop" or "daemon -n n4mc --restart"
  to restart VPN. See daemon's man page for more options.

If all previous steps have been executed without problem, you should see "n4m" network
interface executing "ifconfig" command.

You can trace client issues in system log file "/var/log/syslog", searching for
"n4mc" label.