PPP Tracker Install

Installation instructions:

- Make sure you are root.

- Extract tar.gz file (be sure you have the correct arch file for your device).
	tar -xvzf ppp_arch.tar.gz

- Create directories "/opt/n4m" and "/etc/n4m"
	mkdir /opt/n4m
	mkdir /etc/n4m

- Copy ppp-tracker (ppp) to "/opt/n4m"
    cp ppp /opt/n4m

- Copy ppp-tracker config (ppp.ini) to "/etc/n4m"
	cp ppp.ini /etc/n4m
- Edit /etc/n4m/ppp.ini and set your modem tty and other config params.

- If you don't have daemon command, install it.
	apt-get install daemon
- Add this line to your "/etc/rc.local" file (before the "exit" command if exists)
	daemon -r -n ppp -E daemon.err -L 60 -- /opt/n4m/ppp

- To launch the ppp-tracker, reboot your device or execute manually the added line
  to "/etc/rc.local" file.

- To stop ppp-tracker, execute "daemon -n ppp --stop" or "daemon -n ppp --restart"
  to restart ppp-tracker. See daemon's man page for more options.

If all previous steps have been executed without problem, you should see "ppp" network
interface executing "ifconfig" command.

You can trace ppp-tracker issues in system log file "/var/log/syslog", searching for
"ppp" label.