The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) by Net4machines has obtained very positive impact

Net4machines team has landed in Spain after 2 intense weeks of meetings in San Francisco. Between the 20th and the 30th of April Nayar Systems participated in the Spain Tech Center Immersion Program in Silicon Valley presenting two of its brands amongst which is Net4machines, a Virtual Private Network that interconnects all type of devices through Internet.

Net4machines team has visited the United States to introduce this innovative service that allows to businesses within any industry to control and monitor their devices such as routers, sensors and any type of machines. This experience has been considered by the company even more gratifying than expected. The brand had the opportunity to hold meetings with referents in their respective technologies such as Broadcom, Oracle, Accenture, Aeris o Argos and also participated in networking sessions, workshops and, most importantly, presented its products and strategy during the Pitch Night before large number of visitors, amongst them Apple and Google. In Silicon Valley Net4machines team has emphasized on the VPN utility to provide a global solution and complete any company’s services portfolio.

The brand provides a virtual modem service that simulates a real modem and it is very useful for installation sites and technologies with serial port that are obsolete. Also this service includes 3G hardware compatible with any device, allowing total personalization. In addition the company offers engineering services and developments providing a VPNaaS for secure M2M connections. Net4machines has establish an important network of contacts during meetings and presentations held by Vanessa Martinez, Project Manager, expecting to expand to new partnerships and collaborations based on net4machines high capacity for tracking and progress in industrial IoT. You can find more information at