The Virtual Private Network (VPN), developed by Nayar Systems, embraces the Internet of Things

The Spanish company Nayar Systems has been recently selected by Spain Tech Center in the second edition of Silicon Valley Immersion Program which will start the 20 In San Francisco Nayar Systems will participate with two of its brands: NET4MACHINES and Advertisim.

NET4MACHINES is the last brand launched by the company. After revolutionizing the elevator industry with innovative machine­to­machine (M2M) technologies Nayar Systems is now reaching to Internet of Things industry through this new brand. The VPN, designed to interconnect all type of devices through Internet, makes it possible for any business to control a large number of devices and monitor the network. To guarantee

NET4MACHINES success the company has based this system on a secure, stable and reliable network, making the transferred information unaccessible by other users and reduced data consumption by compresion. Also this technology can be applied and adapted to a wide range of industries.

NET4MACHINES provides virtual modem services, connectivity projects, Big Data and software development according to the demands of each industry and the device technology they use. In Silicon Valley Nayar Systems team will present these services before companies such as Samsung, Accenture, Aeris, Google, Facebook, Cysco Systems, Apple and Microsoft, among others.

Nayar Systems reinvests 80% of annual profit in R & D which makes possible for NET4MACHINES to offer innovative solutions to industries such as Home automation, Vending, Smart Cities, E­commerce, Security and Energy & supplies. NET4MACHINES has already developed succesful collaborations and expects to establish new ones during the program in San Francisco.

Welcome to the connectivity!