CMYK básicoNet4machines or N4M is a Private Virtual Network (VPN) designed to inter-connect all type of devices through Internet. It is optimized for autonomous machine and devices, going beyond machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and embracing the Internet of Things (IoT).

N4M provides full control on your devices. You can connect to any device and perform the requested controls, monitoring your network in real time through N4M. You can verify information such as which devices are connected and data consumption (in & out).

With N4M you can interconnect a group of devices and transfer the information through an encoded algorithm so it is unaccessible for users outside the network. Also you can manage this information without any third parties intervention to avoid unwanted manipulations.

N4M uses compression to reduce network traffic, considering the limited capabilities of majority of devices. It is a system based on low data consumption to establish, manage and maintain the connection

The development of the network is based on security of the encrypted information but also stable, reliable and scalable systems to avoid failures or interruptions during the provision the service.